About Us!


With the For Good platform, you can decide what type and how much impact you want to have on a variety of social and environmental causes. You can help plant 1 tree or 12, help feed 2 people facing chronic hunger, or 20. Our team creates and manages captivating campaigns for each project, travelling onsite of the project to carry out the impact, collect data and capture media content. Upcoming projects will be carried out with the help of local partners on the ground, to ensure sustainability of the impact work.

Upon contributing to a campaign, you immediately receive digital products for your contribution, including additional photos and videos to become more connected with the project and social media templates to share their good deed with family and friends online. Throughout the project, you will receive updates to stay informed and involved with our work onsite. Your funds are tracked through our system, and once the project is completed, you will receive an impact report with not only the overall project impact, but also the specific impact your contribution enabled in the project.


Although fully functional and operational, For Good is a proof-of-concept in conjunction with the Inspiration4 submission, read more at: https://inspiration4.com/ . Because of this, our Founder, Logan Good, is currently operating as a Sole Proprietorship doing business as (DBA) For Good. For Good will soon operate as a non-profit, and will show proof of documentation once that status is acquired.



Logan Good is a social entrepreneur, social media influencer and adventurer from Presque Isle, Maine, USA. From a young age, he found small ways to give, like buying lunch for people who were homeless and having a conversation while eating together. As a mechanical engineer in college, he began giving his time, leading sanitation and water supply projects in Central and South America, and later gave his knowledge, helping develop social enterprises to capture plastic pollution in some of the world’s most polluted rivers before it reached the ocean.

But when learning more about pressing global challenges like extreme poverty, hunger, climate change and more, he couldn’t just focus on one cause at a time. He then started giving his money, but soon found himself hard-pressed to only receive a simple thank you message and a short-lived, feel-good sensation in return for his contribution. As a contributor, he wanted to feel engaged with the cause he was supporting see the impact he was having on the world, so he built For Good to do just that!